Jas Mowgood

My Interview with Sevendust - Lajon Witherspoon (vocals) and John Connolly (guitar) at Warped Tour 1999

Jas: After Warped are you touring?
Lajon: August 24th..
John: All the way up until it [the album] comes out.

Jas: How did you get Chino [the deftones] and Skin [Skunk Anansie] to do guest vocals on the new album?
John: Called them up! [laughs]
Lajon: Called them up and told them "Hey, y'all want to help us out on the album. We've got some great songs!"
John: We actually met Skunk Anansie two years ago. In Somerset?
Lajon: In Somerset, Wisconsin.
John: We did a radio show with them, and we really, really clicked. Really got along with them well, and we have mutual friends with their record label, and they actually... Its weird because the guy who mixed our record, produced their record, before us. So everything was set up perfectly.
John: We asked [Skin] to do it, she said "Absolutely." And Chino, [that part] was something funny. We were talking about trying to get somebody else to do the record, and we had what 5 days left in the studio?
Lajon: Yeah, probably about a week.
John: ..And we were in the studio, talking about different things, and I said "I wonder if we could ever get Chino." [Then we] called him up!
Lajon: He said, "I'll be up there Friday." !!
John: He wanted to be there Friday, and it was Thursday. We're like "No."
Lajon: [We told him] "Wait till Monday!"
John: We're like, "Hold on. Give us a few days to get our shit together."

Jas: Which songs are Chino and Skin on?
John: Chino's on a song called..
John & Lajon: .."Bender."
John: .and Skin's on a song called "Licking Cream."

Jas: Jay Jay French [Sevendust's manager] produced your last album. Did he work on this album?
John: He was executive producer on this one. We worked with Toby Wright, because we wanted to go sonically, and into a little bit of a different direction.

Jas: Whose idea was it for 'Sevendust's: Live & Loud' Yours? TVT Records?
John: That was Steve Donnelly's idea. The president of our record label. He..not really out of frustration..but it's just that his whole career's basically based around television. He's into the TV side of the industry, so instead of going straight to MTV with an expensive video. We decided make an expensive [video] and make sure it actually gets seen.
Lajon: Not just played for two weeks.
John: It did a run from around Thanksgiving time, and it played again in April, and its really good. They actually decided to release it as a video cassette.
Lajon: it was a really fun experience just going and doing alot of those shows.

Jas: How did you tape it? Did you choose certain locations and venues?
John: We chose the Metro in Chicago.
Lajon: It was either going to be [taped in] ...
John: ..Boston or Chicago. One of those two.

ROL: How many times did you have to tape it?
John: We did five run-throughs with the crowd. Five run-throughs without the crowd. So it was exhausting.
Lajon: [laughing] we played ten sets that day! By the end of the day...
John: We were tired. We didn't feel like hanging out..
Lajon: Didn't feel like doing anything..!!

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