Jas Mowgood

Best Mediterranean Restaurants in Orange County and Long Beach

My Mediterranean Meal Staples


Also known as Sarma (Turkey) or Wara’a Enab (Palestine) or Dolmades (Greece). This dish is typically grape leaves stuffed with seasoned rice. 


Aka Tabbouleh. If it πŸ‘ doesn't πŸ‘ have πŸ‘ bulgur wheat, mint and parsley πŸ‘ it's πŸ‘ not πŸ‘ tabouli.


One of my favorites since I was a kid. Cracked wheat coated ground beef balls mixed with pine nuts & onions


This Egyptian street food has become a popular vegan friendly dish in the United States.

Orange County

  • Olive Pit (Brea)
  • Kentro (Downtown Fullerton)
  • Rosine's (Anaheim Hills)
  • Zena's (Orange)
  • Pita Hot (Fullerton)
  • Doner G (Anaheim)

Long Beach

  • Open Sesame (2nd Street)
  • Boubouffe (2nd Street)
  • The HipPea (4th Street/Retro Row)
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