Jas Mowgood

(hed)pe Q & A with drummer B.C. by Jas Mowgood - August 2000

Jas: How would you describe your music or your sound?
B.C.: Damn, we get asked that question alot and I still don't know how to answer it.. Let's see... I'll stick with our old term "G Punk."

Jas: What sets hed apart from other bands?
B.C. : I think our sound in this genre is totally different than our peers. I can't really pin- point it but if you listen to our whole album, that question answers itself.

Jas: What is the reason for changing the "p.e." after the band name for each album?
B.C. : In the beginning, we were called simply, "hed." Then when we got signed and the label told us we had to either change the name or add something to it. So, we added PE for Planetary Evolution but still hoped we could be just "hed" someday. Then the first album came out with the new (hed)p.e. logo and people would come up to us and say, "hey, don't you play in hed pee?" So for this record, we decided to change the logo to just "hed" and to change the meaning of PE to Planet Earth and put it under (hed) so that goes away. Hopefully for the next record, we will just be "hed."

Jas: How does "Broke" differ from your previous album?
B.C. :We slowed this one down a bit. Jahred's more melodic, and the songs were created during last summers Ozzfest so we had a few more influences to help with the creative process.

Jas: What was the hardest part of making the album?
B.C. : The waiting around.. Alot of time spent making a record is getting great sounds. So, there is alot of waiting.

Jas: How were you approached to cover a song for the Black Sabbath tribute album?
B.C. :We approached them. And, luckily, we didn't get to choose our song. They chose it for us but it worked out great because we love the result.

Jas: Which bands are you looking forward to seeing while on the Tattoo the Earth tour?
B.C. : We love touring with Slipknot... We taught them how to drink Jack D so they invited is to do this tour with them.. But, I am actually looking forward to all of the bands because we really haven't done much touring with any of them.

Jas: How do you feel about MP3s and other internet devices such as Napster?
B.C. : I'm pretty cool with the whole Napster thing. At our level, we don't make money off of record sales so only the label might suffer a bit. But, on the other hand, I believe most of the people who listen to our style of music are true music fans so they will go buy the album anyways. Until Napster can somehow play shows for us and sell merchandise with the (hed) logo on it, I am cool with it.

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